6600 Crores have been sent To Students Studying Abroad In The Last 9 Months by parents!


As indicated by the financial data that has been revealed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), outward settlements under the Liberalized Remittances Scheme (LRS) have expanded by more than 200% in the most recent year. For students who have… Continue Reading


Vijay Mallya Passport suspended by MEA on Enforcement Directorate Advice

Vijay Mallya’s Passport suspended by MEA on Enforcement Directorate Advice

Indian Government finally suspended the passport of billionaire, loans defaulter Vijaya Mallya. It is done on the basis of advice given by Enforcement Directorate (ED). Vijay Mallya Passport suspended by MEA on Enforcement Directorate Advice The external affairs ministry officially… Continue Reading


SuperSonic Jet that takes you from Delhi to London in 1/2 hour!


Named as Antipode, this hypersonic plane is fit for voyaging 12,430 miles in less than 60 minutes. That is, such as setting out from New Delhi to London in under thirty minutes. (4,168 miles is the actual distance between New… Continue Reading


Worlds first wireless flexible smartphone developed


Researchers at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab developed ReFlex – a full-color and excessive-decision smartphone that combines multi-contact with bend enter permitting customers to expertise bodily tactile suggestions when interacting with their apps by means of bend gestures. “This allows… Continue Reading


AB de Villiers is the best batsman of the era – Virat Kohli


Virat Kohli. Another Sachin Tendulkar. We all say! Indian star batsman Virat Kohli has, however, thinks something else. Being called as the best man of the generation, again and again, Virat Kohli thinks that someone else deserves the space better.… Continue Reading


Natural Remedy for Fatty Liver Disease – 6 Cups of Coffee in a day!


“Previous studies have confirmed how coffee can reverse the damage of NAFLD but this is the first to demonstrate that it can influence the permeability of the intestine. The results also show that coffee can reverse NAFLD-related problems such as… Continue Reading


An 11-Year-Old Kashmea Wahi Beats Albert Einstein And Stephen Hawking IQ Scores


Indians are brilliant people! It’s not us who’s claiming it – a population rising over with researchers and mathematicians demonstrates it. We may not be putting out imaginative hereditary qualities into much profitable use however our IQs are rising, and… Continue Reading