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Obama Greets PM Modi With "Kem Cho PM?", Modi Replies "Thank You President"

Illustrating the maiden discussion between the two leaders at the dinner meeting on Monday which lasted for 90 minute, the…

The Big Picture

Tamil Nadu Politics - Open for All

If the understanding of Tamil Nadu politics was always known to be tricky and complex, it just became more complicated.  The recent conviction and arrest…

Editor's Pick


New Delhi

Don't Send Troops to Join US-Led Forces Against ISIS: CPI-M Tells Government

The CPI(M) has on Tuesday asked the government of India not to succumb to the 'pressures' by America to send Indian troops to join the…



Sharad Pawar: No Question Of Alliance With BJP, Chances Of Alliance With Congress Post Elections

With the Assembly Elections ahead, Sharad Pawar (President of National Congress Party) refuted all speculations of alliance formation with the Bharatiya Janata Party in Maharashtra,…



Interest Rates Remain Untouched by RBI

In its fourth bi-monthly policy review and as per common assumptions, Reserved Bank of India (RBI) on Tuesday chose to continue with the existing key…



KKR To Remain Focused On Strengths In Semis: Robin Uthappa

Riding high on a splendid preliminary campaign, Kolkata Knight Riders' batsman Robin Uthappa said his team would look to focus on its strengths in the semifinal…


New Delhi

'Bang Bang' a Very Difficult Film for me: Katrina Kaif

From shooting in seven different locations across the globe to performing strenuous stunts, Katrina Kaif has done it all in action thriller 'Bang Bang' which…


Washington D.C.(USA)

Mars Rover Curiosity Drills First Hole Into Mount Sharp

In a bid to understand how the once wet Red Planet turned cold and dry, NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has successfully drilled the first sample-collection…



Fears Over Fresh Eruption Halt Japan Volcano Search

Volcanic tremors and fears over a fresh eruption forced rescuers with gas masks to halt operations to recover bodies from a Japanese mountain today, 72…

Quirky Corner

12 Reasons Why a Job is Way Better Than School

Remember all that time when you were in school and you looked in envy at all the adults who didn’t have homework or exams? They…