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Do you agree with BJP ’s decision to drop party veterans from its parliamentary board?



  • saptarshi aditya


  • arjun

    no,,,advani and other veterans hav lived thier whole life for rss and bjp. Its not a good thing to avoid them at this stage. Give them the respect they deserve.

  • ManojKMishra

    Yes, Generation shift is need of the hour.

  • Holy Kali


    Here is our royal kingdoms’ votes on the BJP.

    No! The ignorance of the new “elitist republic” must be taught the truth and wisdom from the leaders that have studied, experienced, suffered, and withstood and grown stronger and mightier in what is Right and what should be Done.
    (There is not even available information on Mohandas, Mahatma Gandhi and the truth of what has happened for use to govern the parliament without the knowledge of the veteran and the Prime Ministers should be allowed longer terms and sequential terms. )

    Holy Kali