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What is likely in the BJP Manifesto? – Read all you need to know


The second important driving force for gaining votes is any given party’s election manifesto, while the first being the political figures and their past records. With the Lok Sabha Elections just around the corner, every party is set to release or has already released it Election Manifesto making their best attempts to woo voters.

Among the various manifestos, perhaps the most awaited one is the BJP’s Lok Sabha elections manifesto. This is considering the BJP-led NDA being the frontrunner in the race for the Lok Sabha elections and the increasing popularity of the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi. This manifesto will perhaps help the voters to take the final call over their candidate’s choice. Let us take a look at the preview of what all you may expect from the BJP’s manifesto:

  • The primary focus of the BJP is most likely to be more job creation, empowering women, improving education and advancement in Science and Technology
  • Reviving the economy with a point wise action-oriented regime.
  • Substantially decrease the financial burden on the middle class – which is perhaps the BJP’s core vote bank
  • A clear, comprehensive system for environmental clearances
  • Boost Manufacturing and Tourism Sectors by raising Employment opportunities
  • Strong Anti-Terror Bill
  • Cheap Housing in Urban Areas
  • Tax Rationalisation Proposal 
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply across rural and Urban Areas

Among the above pointers, Education is likely to gain maximum attention in the BJP’s manifesto and will be a primary focus across all relevant sectors. One can expect incentives to be given to attract and retain teachers in view of the huge vacancies across educational institutes, also a part of the BJP manifesto.

Apart from this, a number of long pending projects that had not been cleared during the UPA’s decade long reign, are likely to get clearances after a well defined method of granting environmental clearances has been put in place in the manifesto. This will make the government accountable and answerable for the various projects being cleared.

It is likely that a time-bound system with a clear grievance framework will be established for the environment ministry to give policy directives. This will also be directly coordinated by the Prime Minister’s Office which will ensure the coordination between stakeholder ministries. Similarly, a clear framework for the use of natural and national resources will also be a part of the manifesto.

From the strategic and extensive campaigning done by the party leaders, especially Narendra Modi, it seems that the BJP’s manifesto will be very much unlike others, which will take enough considerations of UPA’s flaws through the last decade. Therefore, you may expect that with the backing of data, besides promising the dawn of a “new era” in the BJP’s manifesto.

One may expect specific action points in the manifesto on how the various strategies will be implemented to achieve the above mentioned goals instead of hyperbolic promises. According to a source, it is likely that “The manifesto will be more about just getting on the job right away.”

It is likely that Narendra Modi will be releasing the Manifesto on either 31st March, which is the beginning of the Hindu new year or the first few days of the Chaitra Navratri soon to begin.

News Source: The Republic News Network
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