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Manmohan Singh Succumbed to Compulsions Of Coalition Politics As PM: Ex-CAG Vinod Rai

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After Sanjay Baru and Natwar Singh, now it isĀ former Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rai, who is coming out with a book, where he has targeted former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh regarding several issues.

In the upcoming book ‘Not just an Accountant’, Rai has accused Singh of “running from his responsibilities” while he was serving as the prime minister of India. Rai said the book details how Singh gave in to compulsions of coalition government. Asserting that governance cannot be sacrificed for being in power, Rai has said that compulsion of coalition government should not have been an excuse for Singh’s behaviour.

Furthermore, Rai’s book reveals details of how Congress responded to the multiple scams that came to light during his tenure as CAG. He has claimed that the Congress put tremendous pressure on him duringĀ hearings of Parliament Accounts Committee in Parliament.

On Sunday, while Rai refused to talk to the reporters, he insisted that everything he has mentioned in the book is factually correct. He also assured that the purpose of making these facts known was not to taint anybody but to help improve future governance.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Manish Tiwari has hit back at Rai, saying that if he was being so pressurized, he should have made it known there and then. He said, “Did Rai saveĀ this nugget of sensationalism deliberately for the favourite post retirement plan of certain public servants, that is to write a book after they leave their office and have enjoyed all the benefits of the service?”

Another Congress leader Tariq Anwar too slammed Rai for making these observations. He siad bringing these issue to light now holds hardly any importance. He mocked Rai saying that it has become India’s culture to speak the truth after retiring or publish the facts in the form of a book.

On the other hand, Bharatiya Janata Party leaderĀ Subramanian Swamy applauded the leaders who were coming clean regarding the UPA regime as well as the role of PM Singh and the Congress. He called Vinod Rai an ‘upright man’ and said it was clear now that Manmohan Singh acted at the beck and call of Sonia Gandhi and others.

News Source: The Republic News Network
  • Ramamurthy Venkateswaran

    When a constitutional authority states that there was pressure brought to bear upon him during his stint as CAG, the Congress Party which was running the government at that time, could use the ‘hitmen’ or spokespersons, viz. Manish Tewari, Tariq Anwar and others to issue rejoinders. Instead of criticizing the former CAG as time barred accusations, etc. why not confess the truth and take the public into confidence? Congress and its leaders have specialized in one thing, cover up what is not to be in the public domain!

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