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Statue of Unity: Ten must know facts


Statue of Unity – a modern day monument to be raised in memory of the glorious legacy named Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel is awe inspiring not just for the person it is dedicated to, but also for its architectural majesty and gusto. When completed in 2017, it will be the tallest statue in the world highlighting the fundamentals that power India – Unity is Strength!

The foundation stone of SoU was laid in Sadhu island on Narmada river on 31st October by the chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi in the presence of LK Advani. We share with you some interesting and must know facts about SoU:

1. The height of Statue of Unity (SoU) is 182 metres, double the length of famous Statue of Liberty (93 metres ) and five times of Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (39.6 metres). Only Budhdha statue in Spring Budhdha Temple, China comes next to the proposed statue, which is 153 mts in length.


2. For the underlying theme of bringing people together, the establishment of SoU is intended to be launched more like an activity involving more and more segments of society. The drive has been named the SoU movement. Farmers from across the nation will contribute used iron tools which will be used in building the statute. Around 5 lakh villages will be reached out to using an extensive volunteer network for this process. Nearly, 700 tons of iron will be to be collected.

3. A heavy load open lift, is planned to be established which can take the visitors to the height of 600 metres for a panoramic view of Sardar Sarovar Dam at Kevadia, 3 km away from SoU. An observation deck has been constructed, which at any time can accommodate about 200 visitors. A museum is also proposed to be constructed, which will showcase the biography of Sardar Patel in pictures and audio-visual.

4. The SoU movement will have a Su-raaj petition wherein people can write about their their ideas for good governance. The Su-raaj Petition will be signed by an estimated 2 crore people.

5. Volunteers will collect soil from around 5 lakh villages of India which will be kept in the museum at the project site. Also, sarpanches of 1.87 lakh gram panchayats have been requested to provide their pictures, which too will be displayed in the museum.

6. In order to infuse the enthusiasm of SoU amongst the youth a Run For Unity will take place on December 15, 2013. Over 5 lakh people in 550 districts of the nation will run together at the same time.

7. The US-based management firm behind Dubai’s Burj Khalifa has reportedly signed a deal to build SoU. US firm Turner Project Management will head up a consortium, assigned to build the Statue.

8. The monument is going to be a remarkable example of Public Private Partnership, where in most of the funds are going to be raised through public contribution. A Centre of Excellence and Research on best practices in public administration and agriculture will also be established at the site. The area surrounding the monument will have a viewing gallery and a museum on the life of Patel.

9. A Metro rail and a six-lane highway is also proposed for the area, along with the development of a bridge from Kevadia to the statue. A convention centre, memorial garden, amusement park, research park, training center and a hotel are also planned.

10. Six important studies, including total survey of the project, variation in water levels, wind and water velocity, a seismic survey and a model study have been completed for the statue project. The cost of construction of the entire project is slated to be 2200 crores.

News Source: Republic News Network
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