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Why I, a Congress supporter in 2009, support Modi for PM in 2014

  • Ashwini Anand, CFA
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Narendra Modi

An independent voter’s dilemma

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that the big question before India in 2014 will be – who to bring to power in the General Elections to be held in May.

The options are fairly clear:

  1. The Congress-led UPA
  2. The leaderless Third Front
  3. The Modi-led NDA

Neither am I a registered member of any party nor am I a “traditional voter” of any given party. I pride myself on being independent. For example, in 2009, I personally supported the Telugu Desam Party at the state level (I am from Hyderabad) and the Congress at the central level. The clinchers for me were Chandrababu Naidu’s pro-development agenda and Sonia Gandhi’s special emphasis on job-creation in rural India via the MGNREGS. In 2004, I supported the Telugu Desam Party at the state level and the NDA at the central level. The clinchers then were Naidu’s fantastic performance as the C.M of Andhra Pradesh and Vajpayee’s performance as the P.M of India.

But, this time, the answer, as far as I am concerned, is very clear. I will not give the Congress led UPA another chance after the way it has (mis)managed the country and I don’t know a whole lot of people who will. In fact, I don’t see the UPA coming back to power this time; not a chance! The battle, as far as I am concerned, is between the NDA and the Third Front.

The Third Front: A recipe for instability

Third front in the making yet again?

Third front in the making yet again?

The Third Fourth/ /Fifth Front is a recipe for instability and stagnation. If you thought that governance in India has hit rock bottom under the UPA II government, you will get the shock of your life if the Third Front comes to power. Can you imagine a motley of regional parties coming together with nothing in common between them?  I am no political pundit but perhaps some expert could enlighten me about what the Samajwadi Party and the Trinamool Congress have in common? What about the Biju Janata Dal and the Communist Party of India? Do they agree on issues pertaining to the economy, foreign policy and defense?  Do they agree on anything at all?

For example, the Samajwadi Party has openly taken a stand against English. Does the Doon School educated Navin Patnaik agree with that? The Trinamool Congress withdrew support to the UPA government on the issue of FDI in retail. Does J.Jayalalithaa agree with that? The S.P is against reservations in government job-promotions for SCs and STs. Will the BSP, which draws most of its support from SCs and STs agree to a reservation policy that excludes SCs and STs? How can a political formation whose constituents have no common agenda, let alone a shared vision for the country govern?

Discussion, debate, dissertation, argument and eventually debilitating paralysis

Is debate without action anything new?

Is debate without action anything new?

As Mayes once said, “Indecision is a virus that can run through an army and destroy its will to win or even survive.” If the Third Front comes to power, indecision will remain the norm in India. Our leaders will endlessly argue, discuss, debate and dissertate over commas, full-stops and semi-colons without taking any decisions or implementing any new policies. They will not be able to take a single decision mainly because they won’t be able to agree on anything. The Congress, without whose “outside support”, they won’t be able to remain in power, will, in all probability, end up withdrawing support to the third front every now and then just as they did with the United Front governments in the late 1990s.

To give you an idea of the scale of chaos that we will see, let me ask you a simple question- who will be the Prime Minister of India if the third front comes to power? If your answer is, “no idea”, then let me ask you something that is theoretically much simpler to answer- “Which parties are going to be part of this third front?” You could possibly answer that with- “Burn me twice if I know”!

Therefore, while I admire the squeaky clean Navin Patnaik, adore the decisive J.Jayalalithaa and respect the down-to-earth Mamata Banerjee, I cannot possibly vote for the Third Front.

What about Modi?

The last and in my opinion, the best option is the Narendra Modi led- NDA. Despite whatever critics say, he is the only leader in the fray who has a proven track record with respect to development and good governance. When he could script the Gujarat’s growth story, I can’t see why he cannot revive India’s faltering growth story. When he could bring good governance and transparency to Gujarat, why can’t he fix India’s corruption-ridden, torpid administration? When he could catalyze tremendous industrial and agricultural growth in one of India’s most arid states, why can’t he usher in a new era of all round development in India? He certainly has a vision for India and a proven track record to back him up.

Therefore, I strongly feel that he deserves a chance to prove himself as the Prime Minister of India.

Why support Modi?


A lot of people support Modi for various reasons. While I do not agree with some of reasons that are often cited for supporting him, I agree with T.S Eliot when he wrote:

“Now is my way clear, now is the meaning plain:
Temptation shall not come in this kind again.
The last temptation is the greatest treason:
To do the right deed for the wrong reason.”

I believe that the right reason for supporting Modi is that he is the best hope that India has for the future. Rhetoric aside, he has brought good governance to the citizens of Gujarat by instituting transparent processes, empowering the bureaucracy, pushing through massive computerization and above all – adopting of an outcome-based approach to administration where importance is given to results rather than budgetary allocations. The results are for everyone to see.

But, what about 2002?

Supercop KPS Gill gave a clean chit to Modi

Supercop KPS Gill gave a clean chit to Modi

Despite whatever the so-called bleeding heart liberals say about 2002, a Supreme Court appointed & monitored SIT headed by an ex-CBI chief gave a clean chit to Modi as did the super-cop K.P.S Gill – the former D.G.P of Punjab who is credited with rooting out terrorism from Punjab. When the SIT appointed and supervised by the highest court appointed SIT has exonerated him, I don’t see what else there is left to say on this subject. [References: CNN IBN, Indian Express]

But, Modi is dictatorial and an autocrat. Isn’t he?

Some critics say that Modi is dictatorial and a “one-man show”. Even if that were true, wouldn’t that be better than the eons of discussion, debate, deliberation and disputation, all without any decisions or progress to show for it? Isn’t that (debates without action) exactly what we have been seeing over the last five years? Wouldn’t it be nice to see someone taking decisions for a change? Wouldn’t it be nice to hold one person accountable for the overall development of the country?

Besides, how would it have been possible for one man with a one head and two hands to centralize all power, emasculate all other politicians & bureaucrats, take every single decision, kill all dissent and yet produce these kinds of results? If he could do all that, he would be Superman; wouldn’t he? The simpler explanation is that he is a leader who is decisive and gets work done by his team of bureaucrats and ministers.

But, the Gujarat growth story is just media hype. Isn’t it?

Abraham Lincoln once said:

“You can fool some people all the time,
all people sometimes,
but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

Modi: Probably the most popular leader in India

Modi: Probably the most popular leader in India

If the Gujarat growth story were hype, Modi could not have won 3 consecutive elections, enjoy this kind of popularity across the nation, have the firm backing of the industry and even win praise from people of the caliber of Dr Abdul Kalam and Anna Hazare. [References: Outlook, MSN]  Besides, how can Central government data lie? How can so many national and international institutions back the Gujarat growth story in some form or the other? The World Bank, the Planning Commission and for heaven’s sake, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation headed by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi have all, at some point of time or the other, praised parts of the Gujarat growth story. [References: Economic TimesTimes of IndiaWorld Bank] Is that all media creation too?

So, what is the Gujarat growth story all about?

In essence, the Gujarat growth story is about inclusive growth that has its foundations on Modi’s vision, quick decision making, transparency and innovative development initiatives. The three key pillars of the Gujarat model are – roads, electricity and water-supply. Here are what I consider the top 5 achievements of the Modi administration:

1) Transparent, technology-enabled, decisive and largely corruption-free administration:

Modi's Gujarat has embraced e-governance to slash corruption

Modi’s Gujarat has embraced e-governance to slash corruption

Gujarat, under Narendra Modi, has been widely praised for its transparent and largely corruption-free administration. For example, the U.S Congress’s Report titled “India: Domestic Issues, Strategic Dynamics, and U.S. Relations  observed, “ Chief Minister Narendra Modi has streamlined economic  processes, removing red tape and curtailing corruption in ways that have made the state a key driver of national economic growth.”.  Economists have placed Gujarat among the least corrupt states in India. [Reference: Corruption in India: the DNA and the RNA]. In fact, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation too found corruption in Gujarat to be “relatively low”. How has he been able to do this?He took the following steps to promote good governance: [Reference: Economic Times]

  • Empowered his bureaucrats: Modi has been able to do this, in part, by   empowering his bureaucrats to take decisions. An Albright Stonebridge Group (headed by former U.S Secretary of State Madeline Albright) report points out how Modi has virtually done away with the process of frequent transfers of bureaucrats, thus giving the administration the stability needed to provide good governance.
  • Introduced e-governance and digitized most government services: The Modi administration made heavy use of technology to reduce corruption.  His administration was able to digitize a large part of the procurement process, thus allowing people and companies to submit bids online, thereby bringing transparency to government contracts. Every village in Gujarat has internet connectivity and is part of the Gujarat State Wide Area Network (GSWAN).All basic services such as death certificates, birth certificates, income certificates, applications for government schemes and tax payments are available at e-Panchayats. With so much computerization, the scope for giving or receiving bribes has come down drastically![Reference: Elets Online]
  • Promoted inter-departmental co-ordination and transparency: Modi instituted a practice where all his top officials from various departments met regularly in “Chintan Shivirs” to present the progress made in their departments to him and to the other department heads. This gave all administrators a holistic understanding of the issues that the overall state was dealing with. It also promoted a healthy sense of competition among bureaucrats-thus leading to higher efficiency and faster implementation of key initiatives.


2) Sweeping reforms in the power sector:


Modi: Revolutionized the power sector in Gujarat

Electricity is as basic to a country’s economy as food is to a household. Can you imagine living for just one day without electricity? Is it not a shame that India, which calls itself a “growing world power” (no pun intended), cannot supply electricity (power) to its people, especially in summer? “Power-cuts” are still a routine occurrence all over India. The industry and the “aam-admi” alike have been suffering from roiling power-cuts that have become the norm in India. [Reference: FICCI]. The overall country faced a power generation shortfall of 9% of demand  between 2007 and 2012.

Amidst all this gloom, there is a bright spot (pun intended this time) -If you were living in Gujarat, you would have had 24-hours power supply around the year! Modi transformed Gujarat into a power-surplus state! [Reference: Wall Street Journal]. While power plants in the rest of India struggled to secure coal and gas for power generation, Gujarat produced 14,000 MW of electricity – surplus of 2,000 MW. [Reference: Times of India].This was not always the case. When Modi took power in 2001, the Gujarat Electricity Board was a mess. Power supply was erratic at best; power theft was rampant and the state electricity board used to bleed money. How did Modi turn the situation around? For starters, he empowered Manjula Subramaniam, a bureaucrat known for her efficiency and made her the chairperson of the GSEB (Gujarat State Electricity Board). She was instrumental in the reform story of the power sector in Gujarat. Here is what the Modi administration did:

  •  Re-organized the Gujarat Electricity Board: The Electricity Board was split into 7 different companies – each with a different non-overlapping mandate. Efficient management and political non-interference were the keys to the turnaround of the electricity board. The Electricity Board is now profitable and supplies power round-the-clock!
  • Separated agricultural, domestic and industrial electricity feeders: Under the Jyoti Gram Yojana, electricity feeder lines for agricultural use were separated from the feeder lines catering to residential and industrial uses. This allowed the electricity companies to better cater to each of these segments, balance load and measure the exact amount of electricity used for agriculture, thus minimizing the abuse of the differential pricing mechanism. It also allowed the board to supply electricity to domestic users for 24 hours a day while providing high quality (voltage) supply to the agricultural sector for 8-10 hours a day. [Reference: LiveMint] The Jyoti Gram scheme was endorsed by the Planning Commission, which stated, “The programme of feeder separation has to be carried through across the country. Gujarat has achieved very good results by combining feeder separation with an extensive watershed programme for groundwater recharge.”
  • Implemented large-scale rural electrification: All villages in Gujarat have access to electricity. In fact, Gujarat became the first state in India to achieve 100% rural electrification.[Reference: Economic Times] This was achieved via the” Jyoti Gram” scheme which was eventually adopted as a flagship scheme for the 12th Year Plan.
  • Took effective steps to curtain power theft: Power thefts ranged from 20% (urban) and 70% (rural). Once Modi’s administration realized this, they passed a law to curb power thefts, setup special police stations to clamp down on power thefts and started disconnecting the power connections of those with large unpaid dues. [Reference: Business Today] Imagine the amount of political will needed to accomplish this. If you were the Chief Minister of a state, would you have been able to take on powerful lobbies of industrialists-some of whom could possibly have supported your party? Could you imagine angering powerful people who were blatantly stealing electricity for their homes or industries and risk losing their votes in the next election? Yet, Modi did all of that and transformed the power sector into what it is today.
  • Instituted mechanisms to minimize transmission losses: Gujarat’s Transmission and Distribution losses came down from 35.27% in 2001 to a mere 19% today. This is in stark contrast to the national average of 27%. [Reference: Hindu Businessline and World Resources Institute].  This was made possible by a combination of investment in infrastructure, separation of feeder lines, strict monitoring of ground level data and the administrative will to ensure that T&D losses came down.


3) Agricultural growth story: Perhaps the best known achievement of Gujarat under Narendra Modi was in the agricultural sector. The Gujarat agricultural story has won praise from ASSOCHAM, from Anna Hazare and from Dr. Abdul Kalam who once remarked that all states should follow Gujarat’s example in the agricultural sector. [Reference: Business Today].


Before one goes into the statistics, it is important to remember that the Rann of Kutch, the largest salt-desert in the world, is in Gujarat. I don’t know about what you think, but I don’t exactly expect a state with such a large desert to produce crops and top the country in agricultural growth. Here is what the statistics say- The average agricultural growth in the decade of 2001-2011 was 11.2% p.a., up drastically from 3.3% p.a. in the 1990s. [Reference: Planning Commission]. Compare this to India’s agricultural growth during the 10th Five Year Plan (2002-2007) -> 2.13% p.a. and in the 11thFive Year Plan (2007-2012) -> 3.44%.  [Reference: Planning Commission].

It is a no-brainer that the lifeblood of agriculture is water. Gujarat isn’t exactly Cherrapunji and consists mainly of arid and semi-arid regions. [Reference: Department of Agriculture, Govt. of India]. Some economists have classified 70% of the area of Gujarat under the arid and semi-arid categories. How did Gujarat manage to achieve such growth rates despite having barren, arid land and the biggest salt-desert in the world? Here is what the administration did to achieve this:

  • Implementation micro-irrigation projects on a gargantuan scale – After Modi took over as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, his administration focused on building micro-irrigation infrastructure in Gujarat.


    • Drip irrigation: Inspired by the best-practices used in Israel, the Modi administration took steps to ensure the proliferation of drip-irrigation in Gujarat. It fast-tracked subsidies and loans for the purchase of drip-irrigation equipment by farmers. The farmers would pay 5% of the cost of the equipment while the state government subsidized it by 50%. Banks loans were arranged by the state for the remaining 45%. With such a pro-active government, farmers were quick to adopt drip irrigation. The area irrigated by drip-irrigation systems grew from 10,000 ha to 5, 00,000 ha over the last 10 years! [Reference: India Today]
  • Implemented top-tier rural electrification – We have discussed the “Jyoti Gram” Yojana for rural electrification at length. Therefore, I shall not go into it again. It will suffice to say that Gujarat’s agricultural growth story would not have been possible without high-quality power supply to its tubewells and pumpsets- something that the “Jyoti Gram” scheme helped enable.[Reference: Business Standard]
  • Facilitated diversification into high value and non-food crops- The availability of electricity and water enabled the switch to high-value crops like mango, banana, wheat, fennel and non-food crops like cotton. Farmers were encouraged to adopt BT cotton that produced higher yields per acre than traditional cotton. [Reference: India Today]
  • Championed the adoption of new technology and best-practices in agriculture
Soil Health Cards

Soil Health Cards

    • Soil-health cards- Gujarat was the first state to issue soil-health cards to its farmers. These Soil Health Cards (SHCs) were created after the scientific testing of soil for properties such as mineral composition, water-retaining capacity and productivity. The cards are custom-tailored to each farmer’s piece of land and contain information such as the right crops suited to the farmers’ soil, the right amounts of fertilizer, pesticide and water to be used on that soil. Thus, they helped farmers boost the productivity of their land.[Reference:Information Week]
    • Alternate methods of farming and marketing-New methods of farming e.g. contract farming were encouraged. Corporates started getting into agriculture. Corporates were encouraged to start sourcing from farmers directly. This practice is something that large retailers such as Reliance Fresh, Food Bazaar and Spencer follow across Gujarat.[Reference: Economist Swaminathyan Iyer of Economic Times and Cato Institute]
    • Krishi mahotsavs – Annual farmers’ events known as “Krishi mahotsavs” allowed farmers to interact directly with government officials and agricultural experts. These events helped in the proliferation of the best practices in agriculture among the farmer community. They also helped government officials get a better understanding of the problems that farmers face on-the-ground (no pun intended). [Reference: Indian Express]
    • Emphasis on animal husbandry – The state government actively promoted animal husbandry. Intensive animal vaccination drives were conducted at krishi mahotsavs. Animal health camps continue to be organized across the state where animals have health checkups and even dental checkups.


4) Built up massive amounts of basic infrastructure- If there is one area where India is light years away from where it should be, it is infrastructure development. Whether it is roads, airports, ports or even internet connectivity, India lags far behind any developed country and now even developing countries. Gujarat is different, though. Here is why:

Yes, such roads do exist in India (Gujarat)

Yes, such roads do exist in India (Gujarat)

  • Roads- Gujarat has one of the best road-networks in India, with a road network of 74,000km. 98.83% of Gujarat’s villages are connected by “pucca” all-weather roads. Yes, it is true that most of Gujarat’s villages were connected by roads even before Modi took office. So, what did Modi do? Well, he did a great job- that’s what he did. Here is why:
  • Improved the quality of roads drastically: Gujarat now has highways that beat international standards. A World Bank Report stated that the International Roughness Index (IRI), a measure of the quality of roads, of highways in Gujarat was better than internationally desirable levels. It also stated that the IRI of Gujarat’s highways ranged from 6 metres per k.m. to 20 metres per k.m in the year 2000 and improved to less than 4 metres per k.m. in 2007. [Reference: World Bank]
  • Constructed new roads and highways on a huge scale: Not only has Gujarat spent massively on the construction of new roads and highways, but it has also ended up constructing them – a huge achievement in a country where roads and bridges often exist on paper but not in real-life! For example, as part of the Pragathi Path Yojana, 3,710 km of 2 lane and 4 lane highways were constructed. [Reference: Ernst & Young]
  • Took up the widening and upgradation of existing roads: Widening and upgradation of roads not only cut travel times but also give a huge boost to agriculture and industry as they enabled goods and agricultural produce to reach markets, ports and godowns faster. The Gujarat government laid special emphasis on upgrading existing roads to cut travel time between villages and markets, between factories and ports and between towns and cities. For example, urban roads measuring 551 km were modernized and upgraded under the Vikas Path Yojana, rural roads measuring 3,281 km were upgraded under the Kisan Path Yojana.[Reference: Ernst & Young] After the Bhuj earthquake struck Gujarat, the government promptly reconstructed roads measuring 4,095 km.
Guess which state the Kandla port is in.

Guess which state the Kandla port is in.

  • Ports- The Modi government put the Public-Private-Partnership model for port development on steroids by cutting red-tape. This model allowed private players to build greenfield ports under the BOOT (Build Own Operate Transfer) framework. Private players were given the power to determine pricing and tariffs at ports and even allowed complete operational freedom. This spurred massive private investment into the port sector. The Mundra port, the Dahej port, the Hazira port and the Pipavav port are all private ports build under this model. They have a combined capacity of over 100 million tonnes p.a. [Reference: Business Standard].The development of ports gave a huge boost to industry as it promoted easy exports and imports.  The result – Gujarat’s port led development model is being studied for emulation by Odisha, Karnataka and even Kerala. The involvement of the private sector has improved the cargo-handling capability of the ports. Gujarat’s ports now handle 72% of the entire cargo handled by Indian ports. Port capacity has more than doubled in Gujarat from 135 million tonnes in 2001 to 284 million tonnes in 2011. 

5) Huge fillip to industry in general and manufacturing in particular: You probably already know that Tata Motors, General Motors, Ford and Maruti Suzuki have all setup large manufacturing plants in Gujarat. You probably also know that the actual factories are only the tip of the iceberg, that core-industrial factories spur the growth of ancillary industries (e.g. spare parts, components etc.), create large amounts of employment and raise land prices around the area. But, you probably didn’t know why Gujarat was chosen and to what extent Modi deserves credit for it.  Here is what he and his administration did:

Modi: General Motors, Ford, Tata Motors, Peugeot and more

Modi: General Motors, Ford, Tata Motors, Peugeot and more

  • Modi personally wooed industrialists to setup plants in Gujarat: One well known incident occurred in 2008, when Tata Motors was virtually chased out of West Bengal by Mamata Banerjee’s agitation against the Tata Singur plant. When Ratan Tata announced in a press conference that the Tatas were pulling out of West Bengal, Modi famously sent an sms to Ratan Tata saying, “Welcome to Gujarat”. Tata Motors responded promptly by setting up the Tata Nano plant in Sanand after investing Rs 2,000 crores. [Reference: NDTV]The plant was up and running in about 2 years!
  • He put in place equitable land acquisition policies and facilitated super-fast clearances: Gujarat’s clear land-acquisition policy (formulated by the Modi administration) ensured that acquiring land for factories was easy and beneficial to both farmers as well as to industrialists. The policy dictated that farmers would not only be paid market rates for their land but that they would be paid an additional 10% of the price paid by the acquirer and allotted 1% of the total land acquired for (their) commercial use. [Reference: Business Standard] Farmers who gave up all of their land were also paid an additional Rs 75,000 as compensation. To top all this off, one person from each affected family was provided free industrial training and almost-guaranteed employment at the factory that acquired land. No wonder farmers in Gujarat celebrate instead of agitating whenever a new industrial project is announced in their area.The Modi administration also took a pro-active role in facilitating all the required clearances for the setting up of all factories and plants. [Reference: The Hindu]The administration also gave special concessions to industries to make Gujarat attractive to them.
  • Gujarat’s reliable electricity and water supply attracted industries:  Factories cannot run without continuous and stable supply of electricity and water. Gujarat’s excellent electricity situation is well known, as is the fact that water supply is plentiful due to the irrigation projects undertaken.[Reference: The Hindu]

What next?

Choose wisely, India

Choose wisely, India

The upcoming General Elections of 2014 are crucial to the future of India. The results of these elections will decide whether India moves in the direction of growth or falls into an abyss. This time, a vote for Modi would be a vote for progress; a vote for the third front would be a vote for instability and indecision. So, as India decides the answer to the zillion dollar question of who will lead it post 2014, I will invoke the immortal knight of Indiana Jones lore who would have said,

“India- choose wisely,
for while the true grail will bring you life,
the false grail will take it from you.”

[With inputs from Akhil Handa, Rahul Gupta, Rajan Kohli and Trusha Parekh]

Image Credits - Oxfamblogs, Vibrant Gujarat, Deccan Chronicle, Firstpost, BusinessToday, EuthanasiaDebate and others

Ashwini Anand, CFA

Ashwini is a serial entrepreneur and finance geek who studied in Singapore and USA. He worked with Merrill Lynch and Barclays Capital before starting and closing down his own venture backed startup. He is a Founding Member of CAG and Editor of The Indian Republic.
  • rohit

    Hi Ashwini Anand. I appreciate the article. But a person is not being given credit now. He is being overshadowed by Modi. He is Chandrababu Naidu. He was the first cheif minister who brought ecnomic reforms in power sector in the country. He was the one who unbundled the State Electricity board. He was the one who started laying one of the best roads under PPP model. He was the one who brought e-governance to a bigger magnitude in Andhra Pradesh state.He did all these things 15yrs when modi was not even the chief minister of gujarat I want you to write an article on chandrababu naidu describing his reforms and achievements. Thank you

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      I am a fan of Chandrababu Naidu too. I supported the TDP at the state level in 2004 and 2009 (as mentioned in the article). I hope that he joins hands with Modiji in 2014 to help rebuild India.

      • rohit

        He will mostly likely join hands with BJP. And there is no wave of YSRCP in seemandhra. There was a wave but not now( because of he joining hands with congress in dividing the state and its an open secret)Don’t read the national media articles. They have no idea whats happening in the state. All the national media supports YSRCP because he gave hell lot of money. But there will be a very close fight with TDP. Lets hope TDP wins in that close fight.

      • eshwar

        excellent article. i wish u good luck and the very best in ur forthcoming articles.

    • JJ

      I am fro AP and a big fan of CBN as well… the only difference is ‘leadership’… CBN is very arrogant… ‘ghamand’ in Hindi. He developed animosity with entire Government… from class ‘ IV employees to high level bureaucrats. NaMo does ‘Chintan Shivir’ with bureaucrats every year and involve them in planing for next year’s Governance. Where as with CBN it was always uni-directional.

      • rohit

        See it all depends on the people. A person who is addicted to corruption and living a happy life, if that person is not allowed to do corruption how will he react??. Same happened in the case of CBN. bureaucrats were not against him its the small govt employees who were against him because he stopped corruption in the govt to a large extent. Its not arrogance, its a very strong ‘will’ to develop a state overnight(which is wrong) made him to behave strictly with the employees. He himself admits it. CBN is not uni-directional he did some real development which u can not see easily, u need to know what ‘all’ he has done and when he has done.its that he could not get consensus with his ministers and party members from 1999-2004. He himself admits his mistakes.Plus point for modi was his more concentration on agrarian economy. well people see the negative part of every thing, CBN’s desire to put hyd on world map,power reforms etc created hell lot of wealth to the state, because of which state is still runing without much need of political support

        • Rajivi

          The reason for his defeat is said to be his attention was only on Hyd, neglecting rural AP? True?

          • rohit

            No. I don’t think so. Firstly his attention was not only on hyd. As Hyd is the state capital he wanted to make hyd as an investment destination which in turn gets huge amount to the state treasury which can be distributed to the people( trickle down effect)( he was late in distributing that amount) The reason why he made Hyd mainly as IT Hub is that IT generates huge revenue than manufacturing and other fields. The 3 yrs continous drought in the state from 2000-2203 was a huge set back for him

          • M Thulasiram Rreddy

            Chandrababu is of more hype than reality. He has no history of solving any chronic issues of the state. Naxalism and Factionism were the two big challenges that AP was facing in attracting the investments .He himself was a victim of Naxalism which was later maturely dealt by late Dr. YSR. Hyderabad naturally benefitted out of the IT revolution happened during his tenure he just facilitated. He has not attracted single manufacturing industry in his 10yrs tenure. When he was revolving around
            Hitec City , TN and Karnataka attracted huge automobile investments(Hyundai,Ford,Volvo,Toyota) which generated jobs in mass.No need to mention about the sorrows of farmers against the fact that 80% population in AP rely on agriculture.

          • rohit

            Hello Reddy.Hype?? Do u even know what he has done to the state. Read a case study on the GDP growth of Andhra Pradesh during his tenure done by American and London universities. Hyderabad naturally benefitted? Read a case study done by Indian school of Business on the IT clusters in Bangalore,hyd and kolkata. Its bangalore that was a natural IT cluster. not hyd. He has done it from scratch. There was IT revolution in bangalore but the major boost to IT in the country is given by him.(see the stats) And Why IT? Simple reason IT generates huge revenue to the state than manufacturing.Not just Genome Valley India’s First systematically developed R&D cluster in Bio and Pharma started in his tenure. Deaths of farmers were there but Drought is the main reason for it. Inspite of good monsoons there were more farmers suicides in YSR Regime.(see the stats). Man you need get your information right. Read about Grey Hounds for that naxalsim you talked about. It was because of TDP and CBN , naxalism was stoped to a great extent (the reason for he being attacked) and YSR continued it( good one by him).

          • M Thulasiram Rreddy

            Vanakkam Rohit….you guys go with the case studies prepared out of favoritism and we see realities at ground level, Chandra Babu hails from my native Chittor district ,in his 18yrs of TDP rule he has not created single job in our area. In spite of creating jobs he facilitated closure of few companies. Do you remember a company called Mopeds India Limited,based out of Tirupati manufacturing Suvega,it was the South India’s first automobile company which once outnumbered TVS in sales was closed and we all know how many jobs TVS created for TN. Do you know a ceramic company called Spartek Ceramics,south India’s first ceramic industry headquartered in Chandragiri(Near Tirupati) was also got closed due to poor support from Govt.During the same time Gujarat gained heavily ceramic industry. Do you know that Chittor district is called the milk capital of South India and in the same district he got Co-Operative Milk factory closed for the sake of his own milk factory Heritage.Until YSR attracts NTPC-BHEL investment of 6000cr , Chandrababu has
            not attracted single central public sector investment despite playing key role in NDA regime. Due to incompetent Chandra Babu and his poor communication skills in English and Hindi the state has not at all benefitted in NDA regime.Chadrababu is undoubtedly a hype!

          • rohit

            Man ….favouritism???….case studies of big universities are based on ground realities….do u think some american universities are baised towards to chandrababu naidu??…..he attracted the most private investment in IT to the state…and i already told you why he took IT instead of manufacturing….. and your talking about some closing of some companies….if he has done ….im sorry for it….but dont worry ultimately employement generation is done….. and for that bhel-ntpc …no problem it need not be public…the ultimate thing is employement and the wealth to the state….he knows sufficient english to bring bill gates,bill clinton and tony blair to the state…..he knows sufficient english to make bill gates to setup first and only offshore development centre outside redmond seattle in hyd, he knows sufficient english to share stage in world economic forum with bill gates and others, and he knows sufficient hindi to make vajpayee do projects like golden quadrilateral,liberalization of cell phones,subsidies to state,etc…. and he still better than ysr in many ways

          • M Thulasiram Rreddy

            People like you out of obsession to Chandra Babu taking hype to the peak by saying he influenced Vajpayee to do golden quadrilateral,liberalization of cell phones..bla bla.Those were the initiatives of great leader and visionary Vajpayee! ChandraBabu is a pastmaster in mis-leading people and the people like you got trapped!

          • devendra

            why did CBN lost in the election He must have given emphasis in rural sectors of the the economy Yes he is arrogant and started blaming bjp for all his failures PLus he also had the ambition of PM

          • rohit

            i already gave reasons why he lost…. and whats wrong in having ambition of PM……. FYI he was offered prime ministership twice in united front government but he rejected….

          • M Thulasiram Rreddy

            Chandra Babu was reputed as the CM of Hyderabad than the state , with the hype in peak and having full control on the local media ,in 2004 elections he managed to win just 3 seats out of 15 in Hyderabad,people of Hyd realized what a leader can deliver in juss 5yrs against the deliverables of YSR. In 2009 despite of taking TRS support , the Chandrababu could not win even single seat around Hyderabad(0/15).People of Hyderabad are not fools , they know who is relatively capable to deliver.

          • Chennaisud

            I think all the scams dealt maturely by the Reddy and Co brought employment in the rural areas. That is why Satyam Computers, Maytas Infra are providing the employment in rural areas. Factionisam is dealth maturely by YSR in such a way that Paritala Ravi TDP leader and all the witnesses in the case are murdered.

          • M Thulasiram Rreddy

            You are giving a vein attempt to tarnish the image of YSR,stay tuned , YSJagan will bring back the golder era of YSR!

          • GK

            Lets not divide the country on the basis of caste please..this is already destroying our country. Let us dismantle caste system from Hindus, so that we can all unite for greater India and our culture ..!

          • Naveen

            As well he concentrated on rural area by doing jala yagnam, building schools, etc. He was unlucky as there were no rains during his period and that lead to draught in rural areas.

        • CBN

          I am not from Andhra, but if I could name one other of Modi’s caliber and as visionary it would be Naidu. I think the other good performers like Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh only come after. But Naidu’s mistake was to put less emphasis on rural economy, and in India that is where the vote lies. Opposition took advantage of that gap, and swept into power with stupid populist schemes. Modi luckily was able to avoid that mistake and balance both rural and urban. But you are right Chandrababu Naidu was probably India’s first real visionary leader (aside from the early socialists who miscalculated big time), and his experience shows how careful one must be when putting one’s vision into practice. In India, the fall is always far greater for sincere leaders than for a third rate populist.

          • GK

            I am Great admirer of CBN, he is first state CM to bring in reforms at International level. AP as a state wasn’t doing good when took his job. Hardly any capital to pay the employees let alone investment into development sectors. In that situation, CBN could do is to stabilize the state and also think about development. Bangalore was the natural hub for all the IT development, CBN attracted them to Hyderabad for the investment, so created Hyderabad as the IT city so that he can get investment into the state. His vision is to clean state from corruption, development, employment, high growth rate in all sectors. He started investing in “JanmaBhumi” , where he created new roads, widening of existing roads, rural infrastructure, digging up the canals and lakes for water storage. He wanted to take up mega irrigation projects and major reservoirs for the farmers, he was planning for that, he didn’t have the investment to invest in that at that time. Other major issue came in , the shortage of rainfall and in fact drought for 5 long years. That is the downfall of CNB, which hurt rural farmers bad. Its not that he didn’t do anything to farmers, the nature took tole of the visionary. He should have gone for short term strategies. Other major issue is, AP is know for HEAVY Corruption, all the employees were scared of him and their jobs because of the corruption. Today’s AAP is nothing in front of CBN regarding corruption control. CBN is a great visionary in bringing many a reforms in India, I hope NaMo and CBN will work together for betterment of this great nation. and its future.

      • GK

        Both of them are great personalities. There are always lessons learnt , where CBN didn’t get a chance to prove that, now he gets that to show how competent he is. Modi might have learnt from CBN’s experience as well and vice-verse. I want to see NaMo and CBN and like minded people work together for the growth of this great nation.

    • neelamega_rajan

      Then why not Chandra Babu Naidu had been rejected by the people. Behind Modi’s achievements, there are definitely hundreds of brains and their contributions. We all could and should salute those faceless human beings, wherever they are. But all their contributions speak through Mr Modi and I am sure still many of them are standing behind Modi and will stand behind Modi when he becomes the nest PM. So let us not who did what first. Modi took all good things from every page he read and translated into results seen by every one. I salute Mr Chandrababu, whom I never bothered to know about and been discounting him as any regular politicians. Kudos Mr Rohit for revealing another Gem of this country.But you are also a sincere person who might think nation first and please extend your support to Mr Modi and elevate our people and elevate our nation.. Jai Hind

      • rohit

        I support modi …..because ….im a strong anti congress person.and bjp is the correct opposition for congresss

    • krishnarajsinh parmar

      writing an article that is different thing, this article is for 2014 lok sabha.. and if we want a good government and a leader we should vote for india…. and in 2014 vote for india is vote for modi…..

  • jayanth

    Its an excellent and comprehensive article.

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      A lot of people asked me why I support Modi. The article is a comprehensive “long form” answer to this question.

      • Jaypal Jadeja

        yeah this article shows everything that Why I support #NAMO

      • Manoj

        Kindly put a hindi version of this document so that i can share it with my rural indian people. Thanks

      • anil desai

        But you supported congress in 2009?? Cant understand how any sensible person can vote for congress ever??The whole article is humbug…You think tooo much for very simple and obvoius things.

        • nash

          If u think all these things as very small and obvious things, why other states and the central government can’t do this

      • Sachan Amar

        Ashwini ji this is very good article. I am die hard Modi fan. In comments I have read that some people want a Hindi version of this article. I can Translate this from English to Hindi free of cost. in future you can take my help. It should be read by many people and to reach out most people as much as possible.

      • suzy

        Its an excellent
        detailed article. i must congratulate you on such a wonderful
        compilation and that too in such a detailed manner.

        This is truly a strong
        answers for all the ill informed people who always foul cry of Modi’s “ Development
        Model in Gujarat “ .I was stunned by a elite and so called intelligent a very
        upscale double degree holder Urban youth ,who also happens to be my friend
        ,when he said “ “where is developing Gujarat ?? “ .I guess he should take time
        out to read your article.

        Also Mr.Ashwini ,If I
        may suggest you a few points you can add or may be come up with another article
        like this ,could be as follows..

        1) Narmada canal work and branched smaller canals
        and its impact of once dry and water starved areas of Saurashtra.

        2) Immense boost to the tourism

        3) The BRTS :Bus Rapid Transit System : An Award
        winning (for most sustainable Public Transport Project) project in Ahmadabad
        and later adopted in Rajkot and Surat.

        4) Sabarmati Riverfront Development : A real Dream
        coming to reality slowly and already seeing the beauty of the city

        These are only the few I could think of .

  • Sujit Patel

    This was good. More logic and facts, less rhetoric.

  • vikrant

    Ultimate article on governance of Gujarat….. Vote for Modi in 2014

  • B.Prasanna

    COMPREHENSIVE. I wish everyone shares this!

  • Virendra

    Very good article with facts and logic; it gives a clear perspective for people to make their own judgement

  • Luv of land

    Excellent article. I think it is time to move on from 2002. No need to bring it up in every article on Modi. It only serves the purpose of paid media who want to keep it in public memory. Inspite of all investigations by alphabet soup organizations, nothing has been found against him. He has been cleared by law but paid media wants to keep it alive because they are paid shooters.

    • Jay24

      Everybody has moved out from 2002, except cong & its paid journo.

      • I_Am_An_Indian


  • saran

    Great Article. You are a fan of a Charndrababu Naidu. But, I think there is a wave in favor Jagan Reddy In AP.Do you agree

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Yes….I do agree.I think that the TRS will sweep Telangana and YSRC will sweep Seemandhra.

    • Sudhakar

      Modi as done good develoment and social justice to society. His policies are balanced and well developed countries taken note of it. I have seen developed countries of Germany, Switerland, Franch and USA. I can corelate what Modi is doing. I observed key initiate taken in Agreculture sector and it geat work. India back bone agreculture and what modi is doing excellent.
      India need PM who understand our country, culture, history, problems, who understand ground level reyality, who take decisions good for us, and National intrest.
      I am support Modi as PM of India. We need good leaders from all society.We should not propote family calture because they take decisions good for their families but not for Indian country intrest.

  • Naveen – IndianNationalist

    This is a very good article, thanks.

  • True Indian

    Modiji is the true son of Bharat Mata! Vande Mataram!

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  • Raghav

    the author is mad , he is bombarding twitter to promote his own article!

    • Kapil Gupta

      What’s wrong with that?

      • Raghav

        nothing wrong , but I see a stark similarity between him and his God , both thump their chest on marketing gimmicks

      • Jagdish

        Agreed! Nothing wrong in making sure that the article you’ve spent time and energy on is actually read by the people. It would’ve been a marketing gimmick if the article was fully of rhetoric and “chest thumping”, which it isn’t.

        • Abdul Basheer

          in journalism its only considered “good” if other people market your article for you ..or else its propaganda

          • Jagdish

            Abdul saab, please read the definition of propaganda. At best this is aggressive marketing, not propaganda!

  • Samyajit Gupta

    ultimate article…

  • padmanabh

    Good studied article, chandrababu definitely did good work. But unfortunately he is not in main stream
    We must support future of india modiji!

  • anuj

    Great & comprehensive article
    But what about the home department

  • Raj

    very apt. nd true article….

  • Subramanian


  • Vipul Shah

    i dont follow the logic of this article..the author begins with the premise to evaluate all options as he claims he is anti bjp. He then dedicates barely 10 lines on the real issues that Modi needs to work on and spends the entire article repeating that modi has said a 100 times. He just renforces what is known and accepted rather than adding a new perspective in public domain. The rule of thumb in good journalism is if you praise on alternative you need to compare and critical analyze how good and bad are the other alternatives .(not just a by line , or these alternatives could include who else the BJP could project as PM candidate but did not like Shivraj Chauhan who have similar credentials ) this sounds more like a modi advertisement

    • Jadgish

      Are you reading something different? The author clearly mentions his intentions in this heading itself! He’s claiming to be neutral – an independent. And the article is not about issues that Modi needs to work on in the future rather it’s about support for Modi for the things that he has done in the past.

      This is one of the most logically thought out articles to come out in the political domain in the last few years. Stop trolling!

      • Abdul Basheer

        “it is about support for Modi for the things that he has done in the past” , you said it right , advertisement is more respectable its actually propaganda Modi has told us a 1000 times what he has done ( or claims to have done) . And all the author has done to repeat that ..

        • Jagdish

          He’s compressed all this for readers like me who do not have the time to listen to the long winded speeches. And it’ll be propaganda if he was forcing incorrect/false information on everyone. He’s instead asking people that IF they like, THEN share it. He’s giving them the option to reject.

          This is not propaganda. Read the definition!

          • Abdul Basheer

            “He’s compressed all this for readers like me who do not have the time to listen to the long winded speeches” , so there you nailed it , this article is just a summary of his speeches and marketing material for readers to read. Like a crisp advert ( if you feel offended by the word propaganda ). Anyway how is it journalism ?

          • Anand Krishnan

            Abdul Basheer , this is not a website for journalism its a BJP propaganda website. All their “likes” come from paid BJP fan pages …so sorry boss if you expecting journalism here…go to a real newswebsite …

          • Jagdish

            “All their “likes” come from paid BJP fan pages” – now this is called rhetoric. Thanks Anand!

          • Uday Rajwant

            Is it? Cheap way of trying to impress online users with all good things…he is all about hate speeches, just like Thakarey clan..

            Sources say that the money that went into his campaigns was good enough to sponsor cheap milk to entire India for next 2 months :-)

          • maulik doshi

            Then why don’t you log on to hdtv or for that matter any MSM. they all are paid congress goons. Log on to them. Don’t waste your time on this website . The matter of fact is we Neo-middle class , open category people are the guys running this country and when a man from such background rises and talk about all including us . Some pigs have problem because their seats are secured only by rich’s money and poor’ vote

          • kunal

            real news website like Zee news, abp news, times now, ndtv all paid by congress ! why people can not digest Mr Modi’s achievements. he may not be secular but his governance and policy are outstanding if compared to other states of india . try to digest things do not fart or vomit crap !

          • Jagdish

            This is an op-ed – an OPINION / EDITORIAL. Look it up ;)

        • maulik doshi

          see , whatever we do or some leader does , he will not appease a certain community on any cost . the matter of fact is some communities in india are used to appeasing. So we really don’t care . m sorry .

    • devendra

      Shivraj chouhan is good but not as efficient administrator as modiji MY SAsuRAL IS IN MP and i can say with conviction

  • Dhawal

    Nice article and factually correct…..not what we see in daily newspapers & the media….please share it with more & more people…..

  • Ravi

    make a similar analysis of the confused state(Andhra/Telangana Pradesh), and please don’t come up, saying YS Jagan can make miracles.. he can just do that with the lands and money, you can instead compare the changes occurred during ChandraBabu’s time and YSR time.. i hope people are in a mental condition to accept the fact that, he died(which was an accident) being a corrupt CM of Andhra.

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Well… while I do admire CBN garu, I think that an article like that would be a waste of my time at this juncture since I don’t believe that he can win. I believe that Modiji can still win a majority at this stage and hence, I will do my very best to, in my own little way, help add as many votes as I can; because every vote counts at this stage. As an economist would say- the marginal utility of a vote is very high to Modiji but is almost 0 for CBN garu.

  • mithilesh

    Really An Eye Opener

  • Jagdish

    It’s a long ass reply to the question “Why Modi?”, but spot on!! We finally have a logical article in the usually illogical political debates. Great job TIR!

  • damodar panchariya

    i just have 1 ? to author how much time he utilised to gather this whole data and from where he collectd? good job like it i personally wish it must be shown in tele media so it will reach to more and more people will come to now why mr modi deserve this pm post. by only shouting only cant work it must be implement….

  • Sasi

    Great and detailed. Thank you so much..


    Very Well Written ASHWINI… (Y)

    This Is The Truth Abt NAMO’s Work During Last 12yrs In GUJARAT …

    CHANDRABABU NAIDU Will Be Going With NDA Only, No Second Thought… :)

    NAMO-Namah… -^-

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Thanks, Naren. Well, I am not so sure about CBN ji going with NDA. His position seems rather weak right now in Seemandhra. Till that is fixed, I am doubtful about whether the NDA will even want him. I personally hope that the party strengthens enough to be able to have a pact with the NDA.

      • rohit

        BJP doesnt have other option in seemandhra . Because they cannot go with YSRCP or they may not encourage post poll alliance(Because its a christian party and their hindu to muslim conversions). BJP and TDP are interdependent.

        • Pattabiraman

          Dear Ashwini Anand, Kudos for your lucid presentation with facts and figures. Any rational individual if thinks impartially, will support the development pattern of Gujarat for entire INDIA. Let good sense prevail at least from now so that we will live peacefully with brotherhood. Thank you for your nice article.

  • Karan Khajuria

    awsum article…..we being the responsible citizens of India will not allow any more bad governance in our nation…ofcourse we also can’t compromise our regional security…as a result of rising threats from china and pakistan….so we need a man with guts….a decision maker….somebody like narendra modi… 2014…..i want to hear these words from evry indian….and the whole world…”Indian P.M Narendra Modi”

  • Vikas Patidar

    Separate Electricity Feeder system has been also deployed in villages in Madhya-Pardesh. BJP has deployed effective plans for development. We are getting 24 hours of electricity in rural areas. 10-12 hours of 3-Phase electricity for agricultural purpose. Simplified electricity bills and many more things. While for 10 year congress govt. had done nothing which they can claim for now.

    • Vivek

      Simple question for you: What did the BJP do for Karnataka in the 5 years from 2008-13? Of course, Cong didn’t do very much before or since, but since you are hyping BJP, I thought you might be able to answer this question.

      • Maverick

        That is exactly the reason why BJP has not named Yedurappa as their PM candidate.. and that’s the exact reason why Modi has been named.. you have answered your own question..

        • Vivek

          Gujarat would have done about the same with another CM. Gujaratis are very ethno-centric, and their business success as a diaspora has translated into substantial capital flows into Gujarat. Modi is no miracle worker, and I don’t expect great things from him should he become PM. On the contrary, my concern is that his ascent to that post will unleash the depravity of the forces behind him. The recent remarks by Mohan Bhagwat are not inconsequential: it’s a reminder to Modi that they(RSS) will brook no effort by him to rein them in. Modi- giving him the benefit of the doubt on a personal level- has made a pact with the devil, and the devil will collect on it.

          On the other hand, the BJP has proven every bit as corrupt as INC, given the opportunity. Modi might prove a boon for Gujarati and Marwari business people, but the rest of the country, and especially the south, should not expect a marked departure from the status quo.

  • Srijan Chakravarty

    What an article! Great !

  • Vicky

    The Indian Republic – Kudis for the fantastic article. U deserve all our resoect for not actibg like Paid Media and presenting true facts. Its duty of every press to educate people about the truth and you did this. Respect for uou…. Kio it coming n please never never become paid media like the rest. Thanks again.

  • Kishore

    Regarding 24 x 7 x 365 electricity of Indian cities, can you name any city other than Ahmedabad (may be Surat, Vadodara etc, but I cannot claim other than Ahmedabad, where I was a resident for last 11 yrs), where this is 100% true? In my last 11 yrs in stay at Ahmedabad, my flat electric was down in three occasions:
    1. nov-2002, failed to pay bill by grace period and they cut my power at 10 am. Paid at 2 pm, restore connection 7 pm.

    2. A severe rain and lightenning summer 2004: 30 mins
    3. one random time for less than 5 mins when some repair work going on in our lane.

    Pls comment to my claims, CAN YOU BELIEVE MT CLAIMS? Must be sounding too much? Isn’t it? But it is true. And I know at remote village (Anjar-kutch-bhuj) this situation prevails. + some power cut during maintainance. This is understandable as authorities would not take crae too much in village as it has to be at Ahmedabad. So what Modi claims of electricity is true.

  • LadySD

    Excellent article describing gujarat’s progress…All our good wishes to Narendra modi…Being a Gujarati , I will miss Narendra Modi as our CM if he becomes our PM ….

  • shyam

    really appreciable, & adoptable.i appreciate each line of this article,great thought man

  • Amit Jani

    Excellent article. If Modi wins India will win.

  • Mahasayan K T Mahasayan

    a must read for youngsters and politically confused people

  • sandeep

    Shouldn’t the Good Choice be towards the Right and Bad Choice the other way ’round?

  • sahil chander

    Excellent article which articulates facts along with their references. I wonder when our politicians will start appreciating good work rather than just criticizing a person who has done so much for his state.

  • varun

    Plz get it translated in Hindi and some other regional language too.
    Let the whole country know what Mr Modi actually stands for.

  • anil

    we want our country modified!!!!!!!!!

  • First Time Voter.

    Before reading this article i was a big fan of modi,
    now after reading, I consider Modi Ji as a savior of this country.

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Thank you, First Time Voter. I do hope that your vote helps bring Modi to power :)

      • First Time Voter.

        Yup, my vote goes to Modi Ji.

  • Rahul Kumar

    this article is answer for all qutio raised against mr naredra modi….

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Yes, the next time someone asks you about why you are supporting Modi, ask them to read this :)

  • bikash

    well composed article

  • Naren

    I wish the article just continued into a few more paras…so that I could just read how well one state is doing….if only the non-internet readers who vote could be swayed…Most people who are undecided or who talk about AAP or third front can only be swayed by people like Kalam, Rajnikath openly supporting Modi like Lata Mangeshkar…

  • bala

    Awesome… This will answer all the questions that opposition party asks

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  • PPreeti

    Given the fact that its quiet detailed and showcases someone who is known for his sectarian politics, my sincerest hopes and fears include the fact whether this article was driven by financial motives..

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Hi Preeti. I am not paid by Modi or BJP for this. Neither do I contract for the Guj govt or receive any favours from any govt in India or abroad. The article is purely driven by passion. Please Google my name or search for it on LinkedIn if you’d like to do a background check.

      • PPreeti

        Ashwini, As I write, its in my hopes and fears to question the motive of such a details excerpt of your opinion..
        Even before I read anyone’s agenda, I have to think how someone tries to move ahead by bad mouthing anyone and everyone in the course of his 1 year of recent political campaigning.

        Simply put, what is your take on sectarian politics, implied hatred and communal campaigns?

        • Ashwini Anand,CFA

          I support good governance, inclusive development and secularism. I have several Muslim and Christian friends. I will never support someone who will harm them.

          I believe that secularism means equal treatment to everyone, not special treatment for some and step-motherly treatment to the others. I am with Modi on this. I do not believe that he has done anything to hurt any community. Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Hindus have all benefited from his brand of development.

          • PPreeti

            How do we then justify hate speeches?
            Nobody has done anything great, his speech agendas are always to bad mouth others..

            I don’t have to go back in news archives to dig it up, he blames everyone (with names as usual) for not doing anything (which is implied truth perhaps) quoting Nirbhaya’s case and attempting to drive emotional quotient.

            But did anything stop him from improving Gujurat’s state legislation to empower women, close loop women safety issues, nip the still high rape events in Gujurat.. Frankly, I would have loved to see some heads turning for such causes.

            Tata’s being driven out of east and their desperate attempt of moving to west was all strategy, money and paid politics.

            Please don’t take my questions personally; apparently every page on this site, social media analysis for user profile ambiguity and preferences tend to be strongly biased towards Mr. Modi’s campaigning agenda.

          • MohantyDD

            I agree with Preeti. Your article contemplates Modi in ways that are only portrayed in individual/party agendas. He has a lot of dirt on him, to have readers be devoid of that info and completely ignore that is not a wise choice.

          • Ashwini Anand,CFA

            Perhaps you could share some examples? Everyone will have some shortcomings or the other. However, isn’t he a class apart from the other politicians? Which other politician has shown results like him? (Very few)

          • Jaypal Jadeja

            Just by saying dirt on him doesn’t explain your point here just showing blind hatred. And what other info do you want just tell me I will give you that. Come to Gujarat once and have talk with aam aadmi and I bet you you will find enthusiasm all over which I never felt before. That is the true leadership.

          • Ashwini Anand,CFA

            Don’t worry Preethi. I consider myself an intellectual and will take never anything that anyone says in a discussion personally.

            You have some valid points. Obama once said, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” Modi isnt god and Gujarat isnt perfect. But, there is huge progress. Things are improving very fast and that is what I am trying to highlight.

            Progress on women’s issues will come too.

            1) For example, Gujarat has enacted a law bringing in 50% reservations in all Panchayats for women. Of course, the bill is still with the Governor (who hasn’t given assent to it). How many states have such laws (very few)?

            2) Law & Order is very good in Gujarat. That is the key to reducing the number of rapes. Credit -> Home Minister = Modi.

            What else can he do at a policy level to empower women? Do you have any concrete ideas? If so, you should share such ideas. Modi’s places all proposed legislation online and takes feedback from citizens.

          • PPreeti

            Awee Ashwini, you are giving too much credit. 50% panchayat reservation ain’t Modi’s to take credit for.

            Modi controls a large portion of media blasphemy that may happen against him…his tactic is clear..keep trashing others, they will keep defending themselves…

            His negative marketing strategy is so to the point.
            Bad mouth 100%, out of which
            Atleast 70% will hear what he has to say, out of which
            Atleast 20% will acknowledge/contemplate/reason, out of which
            Atleast 9% will be anti someone, out of which

            Atleast 1% votes are his :-)

          • Jaypal Jadeja

            Dear Preeti
            As you mentioned “negative marketing” is not the right word because in democracy there should be criticism (learnt from modi) and that is what he is doing. And that acts as catalyst for Democracy. And I am very curious to know that out of so many speeches you just found out negative. wow. And what about other parties or person instead if you are not biased. You want everything so perfect but there will be none because no one is perfect

          • Nampurath Krishna

            From your persistent animosity towards Modi and criticising Ashwini repeatedly with frivolous allegations nuance of some hidden political agenda on your part, are you being with some gratification from any vested interest the very allegation you had on Ashwini??

      • ecectra

        i recently saw an episode on ndtv which claimed that development story in gujrat was a myth.That small scale industries were not encouraged n only Ambani n Adani benefited. For example the price of gas being supplied to industries was suddenly increased from 14 to 40 rs n they had to go on strike n therefore incurred losses of 50 crores daily or something like that.I AM CONFUSED!These 2 claims are completely contradictory!Pls ans I am a Modi supporter

        • Nampurath Krishna

          First of all have to understand the molding of NDTV, it is being promoted and owned by Pronnoy Roy with manifest leftist leaning and animosity towards rightist forces, obviously Modi would be their target and do their level best to denigrate the development of Gujarat. Kerala a state with influence of Congress and CPM only name of Modi is red rug. But here one of Communist Party Marxist’s leader called upon the comrades who were ruling the state then, to emulate Narendra Modi’s development in Gujarat. And one of the TV Channels of the state with clear cut anti-Modi attitude mentioning of Gujarat and its development telivising the streets of Ahmadabad mentioned such streets are visible only of all the places in the world in Dubai as most of the Keralites are expatriates and they are well aware of the developed status of Gulf Emirates. They were comparing the development of Ahmadabad with Dubai. Got to the roots of NDTV propaganda with anti-Modi hidden agenda??

          • ecectra

            hey wat do u think abt this AAP drama that happened today, r they back on track?I think this stupid kejri will again fool people and stop Modi frm bcoming PM

  • Jaypal Jadeja

    I Am From Gujarat and each and every word is true. I have seen it, felt it, benefited from it. What else do you need for ” Development “. Point is Gujarati knows it. Still some points are not there but is excellent and in simple language not hardcore English fanatics. Thanks Ashwini Anand from a Gujarati to spill out our words in such a profound way.This article shows why I Proud to be Indian

    • ecectra

      i recently saw an episode on ndtv which claimed that development story in gujrat was a myth.That small scale industries were not encouraged n only Ambani n Adani benefited. For example the price of gas being supplied to industries was suddenly increased from 14 to 40 rs n they had to go on strike n therefore incurred losses of 50 crores daily or something like that.I AM CONFUSED!These 2 claims are completely contradictory!

      • Maverick

        Let me help you out, if people of Gujarat are not happy with the governance, why would they re-elect Modi government again and again.. And the first and honest verdict can only be given by people living there..

  • Rags

    They all have their plus and minus, especially Narendra Modi.
    India gave some people their support and some of them let us down..Please vote sensibly, do not let the veto power go waste is all I can say.

  • Rajivi

    I was told by my relative who is in Baroda, that when they offered “some thing” as is usual in some states, (for registration of a building recently), the Sub registrar refused stating that in Gujarath, such thing do not happen. Really surprised and felt happy that there is one such state. This article should be an eye opener for those who oppose Modi..Every Indian, who wants “Developed India” should vote for Modi.

  • Mash

    Wonderful analysis, not driven by any passion but pure facts!. Choice is very clear Modi-led BJP/NDA certainly deserves a Chances, esp aft total 7 abject failure of UPA/MMS/Sonia model. Guys, many states (like Rajasthan) have witnessed unprecedented record breaking Voting this time, Finally Middle class has arisen!..Please make urself count else u ‘ll be drowned in sea of corruption, more reservation & lawlessness, finally forced to flee/migrate

  • @mypoint11

    This op ad is so blatantly biased that even those without eyes can see the bias. The article was probably sourced from govt of gujarat pr dept through cm office. This is a naked attempt to ingratiate author to modi. as I see it, it’s naked.

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Stop trolling.

    • Pankaj Rathod

      Well.. that’s the point of Op-Ed – to give a personal opinion. Do you have a different dictionary for Op-Ed?

  • game

    but what about 2002? somebody is going to ask… :D

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      * Waves clean chit from Supreme Court monitored SIT, headed by an ex-CBI chief *

  • shirisha

    looks like school essay, predetermined reasons and justifications.

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      And yet I managed to find statistics, reports, quotations and constitutional bodies to support my foolhardy reasoning and justifications….

      • Mithun

        the most boring school essay..a tenth standard school job

  • eternalmonotony

    Are you comfortable with backing someone who is proved to be someone who misrepresents things, lies an exxagerates without any qualms, has alienated even his own partypersons in his state – irrespective of all the good things he has done? Isnt that a dealbreaker? Doesnt it ring a warning bell? Especially given the stories that have been coming out (theres no smoke without fire). Doesnt someone who uses state machinery to obsessively snoop on a citizen scare you? Its not about how big or how serioous these allegations are…its about the insight it gives into someone’s personality – which I personally find scary.

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Perhaps you could state some facts (with references) instead of talking in the air?

  • eternalmonotony

    Unfortunate to note that dissenting comments arent allowed on the page. Reminds me of Modi :)

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Absolutely…that is why your comments are still on the page.

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  • Ranjan Kumar

    @Mr Anand. Could you produce some of the articles you have written as a Congi supporter as well.
    As you know internet discussions related to India are dominated,may be upto 90%, by very motivated right wing followers. For them Modi is a manifestation of their Hindutva dreams. They would like so earnestly to make India a Hindu Saudi Arabia but at the same time do not want to be portrayed as some sort of a religious fundamentalist or in other words a Hindu Taliban. In fact they believe every accusations made against Modi viz a viz 2002 and support Modi solely for his same actions, which others detest. So Modi’s development stories has became a good excuse to support him. Looks decent and positive in public eye. Matter of factly, every place in India had seen huge infrastructual developments since 2002-03. To suggest that before Modi Gujaratis were cave dwellers and it is Modi who discovered Gujratis is laughable. In fact Gujratis are the most enterprising people in the world, not just in India. Your heading sounded similar to those ones in which fake Sanghis will write “I am a Muslim, but I see Modi as the best hope for India.So I’ll vote for Mod this time” and deserved to be classifed as political propaganda.

  • Ranjan Kumar

    What is your take on the alleged scams under UPA II and the IAC movement built around the same? Every Indian would have received many many emails at that time, about USD10T BLACK moneythat is lying with the safe haven nations like Switzerland. So eloquently those mails drew our attention to volume of black money that can be brought back “so easily” if only our Govt had shown some “sincerity. Also about the USD1.76L cr LOSS in a 2G spectrum case. Eventually the same spectrum was auctioned and failed to get the old rates even. Do you think it was a well orchestrated conspiracy?

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      This comment of yours makes no sense when juxtaposed with your previous comment.

      1. I did not write any articles in support of the Congress.
      2. Yes, I have been told that most internet discussions are dominated by right-wing supporters.
      3. I’ve also been told that some people support Modiji because of the riots.I also wrote a fair bit on why doing the right thing for the wrong reason is a bad thing (reference to T.S Eliot).

      I still dont see the connect betwee 1,2,3 and this being propaganda.

      • Ashwini Anand,CFA

        As a finance professional, I think that bringing money back from so-called safe havens is far more easily said than done i.e. It is very difficult to do and I am not even sure that international law would allow that.

        Whatever methodology once adopts for 2G, the fact is that there was a huge loss due to corruption – whether it was 2 lakh crores or 10,000 crores, its a lot more than pocket change. Everyone knows who was responsible for the scam.

  • Akshat

    Excellent and comprehensive writeup studded with facts and verifiable references. Very well done !!

  • Tirthankar

    Loved every bit of it… NaMo, my vote is just and only for you …

  • banuprakash

    wta ever is true u r option is right

  • Harish

    Can I translate it to Kannada?

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Absolutely! Please go ahead.

      • devendra

        provide a hindi translation Many persons will be benefited from your excellent article

  • Vijay Singh

    गुजरात के लिए किया गया विकास छुपा हुआ नहीं है, अब देश के विकास के लिए हमें योगदान करना है !

  • sriram

    Wow, gazing this amazing article hopefully changes every true Indian to extend support to real progress in India through Modiji

  • DoomedCongress

    Congrats on summarizing the thoughts of Indian Nation today!

  • Veeru

    Exhaustive, covers almost everything on Modi & Gujarat. CBN was great in AP during his days, but he ignored agriculture which led to his downfall in 2004. Also, his opportunism to desert BJP showing 2002 riots as reason backfired for TDP as it lost most seats with narrow margin, with BJP support it would have actually won again. You are absolutely right on third front, I would call it as “Wannabe PM club”. We have seen what they were able to do between 96 and 98. Invariably congress will pull the rug under their feet and country will have to go to polls again. It’s great that Modi led NDA is emerging as a strong alternative in 2014, hope we will see Modi as PM in 2014, he deserves to be PM of India.

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  • Pavithra Rajan

    Article is too good … no more questions …..hoping for the best transformation in India under the governanc of Modi ….whoever it is… watever it is….make India corruption free

  • Avi

    You forgot to add i) The largest solar power park in the world at Charanka in Gujrat ii) The installation of Solar panel coverings on canals which reduces water losses and also generates electricity – An idea that has been hailed by the world media as well iii) Out of 1000 MW solar power produced in India 800 MW is from Gujrat alone, all other states are falling far short of their targets while Gujrat has produced far beyond the target.

  • Rahul Karnik

    Haahaahaa.. Sigh !
    This is what happens when someone goes on and on about something by using explicit and surreal english words.
    The directionless mass audience find on the internet, a blabbering leader to follow, who stamps his opinion on the unaware.
    What’s next ? A pictorial website of the gujarat government and its leader with food campaigns for the poor ?

  • indra

    Please write somewhere that we are private media of BJP and all things are to ensure that BJP stays afloat…

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Troll !

  • amit chhabra

    The article is well researched and well written.. But it borders on being an ADVERTORIAL!
    For decades, Kerala as a state has had the best of social & health indicators like highest literacy rate and lowest mortality rates. Would you use it to support the marxist parties there?

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      There is a difference between correlation and causation. Look it up.

    • Nampurath Krishna

      Had the Marxists that successful wouldn’t they too won consecutively three times as Narendra Modi. There’s sea-saw between Marxist led front and Congress led front, one rules for 5 years and as there’s no other option people in between devil and deep sea choose one that’s all !!

  • Pingback: Narendra Modi and Gujarat Development story - busting myths and Revealing the Facts

  • amit chhabra

    Dear CFA garu,
    Just chill.. correlation can be of many types – temporal, circumstantial, accidental. The strongest would be statistical – even that’s not considered a proof of causation.
    Be a responsible political writer. With the elections around the corner, we can be tempered down and less dogmatic while writing something that may be thought of as NEWS!
    If u call yourself a BJP supporter & write in the comments section its fine.. but this forum looks like a news journal.
    By the way, if there are elections tomorrow I’ll vote for Modi too!
    But I’ll let others be, coz we have the ideal of free & “fair” elections to look up to!


    I appreciate your article. It is capable to remove the cloud of uncertainty and skepticism an independent voter may suffer at the time of 24 general election.
    The article is the result of comprehensive research and reflection. Let Indian national Congress take a long leave and reflect ways and means to correct themselves and the elements of the so – called Third Front confine themselves within the boundaries of their naturally allotted Lakhsman Rekha for the larger interest of our great nation.

  • neelamega_rajan

    Wonderful. I can’t (still) believe such a genius ( I am referring NAMO ) is born in India. This article is worth translation in all regional languages. This is a God given opportunity for Indians to entrust Indian destiny, for next five years and beyond, to such a dedicated leader. I want permission from this author to translate this article in Tamil as a booklet and distribute among people in tamilnadu, publish in all tamil dailies. Please give permission to do this asap to my email id ‘’

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Yes, you may translate this and publish it. Go ahead!

  • SathyaKK

    Best Arfticle that shows how Modiji has shown the way for rest of the country to follow.My vote is for NaMo….Congress Can talk abt 2002 but they also have to think the other riots that have happened before 2002 during their rule in other states which have been worser than Gujarat.People of Gujarat have moved on and they have seen the best development post 2002….People have to think on following lines…
    Voting for Congress – Giving them one more chance to increase their corrupt tactics
    Voting for AAP – They can only highlight corrupt practices of other parties.But the need for the hour is giving good governance and stabilizing economy that has been shattered under Corrupt congress rule.
    Voting For BJP – Development,Growth that w e did not see in last 60 years.What congress hasn’t done in last 60 years they can do it in 60 months…..

  • Sowmya

    Even I would like to see Modi as PM but I do want to know if AAP will ever affect his chances.. .but with three months time, it is unrealistic but still will it affect BJP from getting 230+… if they get 230+ then i think there is nothing stopping them,, even 200+ is good but congress should be in double digits and third front should nt have gained like they think…

  • archit

    this article is only 25% what Modi did
    He gave money earned by some work directly in account of woman
    If someone register property on name of women it will have some TAX reduction
    decreases infant mortality rate drastically and girl child mortality rate too
    Amazing BRTS , VOLVO with highspeed wifi
    consecutive 3 time winner of best e-gov initiative in india award give by my faculty.
    after that they decided gujarat will be removed for next 3 years so other state too get a chance to show up …
    special coaching classes for all village students so they also can get a chance to crack heavy entrance exam (no reservation like others)

    Kite festivals …. Kachh tourism … Solar power plant …. khel mahakumbh…

    award winner e-gov initiative

    automatic exam of vehicle license
    portal for missing child
    and few others

    this is just what in my mind , there are lots of…

  • Pappalil Prabhakaran

    The article gives insight into the Gujarat story and Narendra Modi’s personal role. It is worth emulating for the whole of India.

  • Deshbhakt

    very good article, based on all facts and logic. Need to circulate this to more and more number of people. No chance for Modi detractors to call it mere media hype

  • Shashidar

    Very informative

  • kalai

    yes good article i support modi

  • mathew

    This is the best article i have ever read…. all indians must definitely read this before deciding whom to vote for in the next elections…

  • priyanka

    I want all Keralites to read this article. The corrupted Congress led UDF and Goondas CPIM led LDF spoiled Kerala. Why don’t you think to vote for Mr. Modi to make him achieve 272+? No one should say tomorrow that because of 20 seats of Kerala a hang government happened. This is the time to think my brothers and sisters of Kerala. If you want to make India a developed country under the great personality of Mr. Modi by corruption free India (we can not control 100% corruption in India). Don’t worry. He is not anti muslim or anti christian. He is a great human being.

    • Nampurath Krishna

      Well said, rather I too wish. Strive my level best on the ground zero!!

  • majeed

    A vote to the third front or headless communist parties will be suicidal to the Indian democracy. My friends, India’s future is Mr. Modi. He is always a minority supporter. He never differentiates the muslims of Gujarat with Hindus. A great Leader after Indira Gandhi. In the Grace of Allah, he should come as PM of India. He deserves that.

  • Suresh

    Before I was just a fan and admirer of Modi. Now I have the reasons in one capsule and am his promoter and campaigner. May he win the elections. May India have future. May the Public realize this opportunity and not allow it to go waste. Keeping fingers crossed.

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  • Raj

    Excellent article. Kudos to Modi and his team in Gujarat. But, what can one person achieve when he has 10 fools around him. Situation in Karnataka – Yedurappa back in BJP. Is it justified for a party like BJP with Modi heading it? He had created ruckus and having people like him back in BJP, how reliable is the party going to be and how will Modi be dealing with it?

  • bharat bhushan

    A lot of thanks Mr. Ashwini 4 this Wonderful Article..The perspective of writing is fully conveyed..Really a great article..the links provided in the article simply validate various truths about which most of the people does not know..Hope we will see more of this kind of article from you…

  • dev lukum

    Very good analytical article. Only small thing to be added are (1) FACILITY OF free AMBULANCE TO EACH CORNER OF GUJARANT. Just ring 108, within no time Amnulance managed by Guj Govt. at door step. Pregnant ladies in villages are blessing NAMO. (2)Second thing to be added is facility of Pipe Gad to each and every corner of Guj. I think this project has covered 70% area of Guj and project is inching to complete.

  • Satish N

    I read this today, though late but really liked it. Its filled with all information that even a sane critic would like to know about Modi’s work. Thanks for providing valuable hyperlinks to sustain your argument.

    I wish more such sane articles appear on ‘paid media’ sites also.

  • Girish Nanjundaiah

    Its a nice way of doing a bit for our country . Thanks hope more and more people share this and will take wise decision

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  • Manjula

    Amazing facts. I felt this about NaMo butnow I know too. Thanks for sharing this info. Hope voters judge well and not get carried away by cong and the new immature baby AAP

  • sanjay karan

    Great Article, we seldom come across such detailed & comprehensive articles these days. Hope this article will force Indians to rethink & vote for stable, progressive & proven track record party that BJP & Person that is Narendra Modi. Jai Hind.

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  • Boss

    Very Good article. Let’s work towards the majic 272+ for BJP. I request all who have posted here, take responsibility of meeting minimum 5 people to convince why they should vote for BJP. Not only convinging the 5 and motivate the 5 to to spread the message. I am sure this a small step in the right direction yet feel very powerful. All of us want to see Shri.Modi PM of India which he deserves purely on merit.

  • brian2014

    Though I am a congressmen, I was disillusioned by Congress. In spite of so many young leaders they were a complete let down. After reading this article, I hope someone like Modi will bring about a change

  • imwaiting

    good article. should have mentioned law and order and how he cleaned terrorists in gujarat. also, how he created hope in india tht india can also do wht others did.

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  • thetrueBramhn

    you are not congi are another RSS chaddi

  • Sanjeev Kumar

    please-2 share on your wall and everywhere you can

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  • Lekha


  • john

    This is modi propaganda… Dictators will fall with a thud… He is just putting on mask… Crores being spend on this propaganda… He shud run for american president against Obama… And project his development there… Just giving land to industrialists will bring industry… He can’t afford to lose in Gujarat becoz an inquiry into his deals will bring everything out… He has divided the city of ahmedabad into two. Muslim community leaves in slums who do not have assess to basic amenities… They are being kicked out of their out cities indirectly. This is the same genocide which he became mute spectator to 2002… A person who doesn’t have iota of regret for the massacre of hundreds under his direct watch… You call him nationalist… Everybody has his or views but modi’s are and paid views or sponsored views….

    • andy

      Yeah, you are right. Just like Congress and RaGa apologized for the sikh violence of 1984, right?

  • Avik

    While i do agree that the UPA is inept, i would still prefer an idiot over a murderer. The SIT Commission finding means absolutely nothing,Modi should have owned up moral responsibility for Godhra at the very least. It cannot be that a state is up in flames with so many people losing their lives and the Chief Minister lies blameless.. Industrial development, though important, is secondary to Human Welfare. If modi could’nt protect people from his own state, on what basis is he capable to protect people of the country?

    • Guest user

      So you know more than the Supreme Court does? On what account do you say that SIT commission finding means nothing?? Do you have any solid proof? If yes, then you are an pathetic disgrace to human race , sitting here and doing nothing about it. If no, then you are a pathetic disgrace to human brain. Sorry for being so rude, but the country is sick of such ignorant people who with their demented reasoning abilities, ruin the country.

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  • shekar

    Excellent Article.. At the end of the day, it is the data the matters.. not slogans like communalism or “Maut ki Saudagar”. Congress has only slogans and pushed the country into the depths of despair.. Hope Modi comes to power with full majority on his own..

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  • karnika

    Too good

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  • Vivek

    The elephant in the room, Ashwin, is what’s behind Modi. Yeah, go ahead, take a look. Tell me that he can restrain them, and tell me how, and tell me why he hasn’t repudiated THAT agenda. It’s not about Modi’s governance(though even you have hyped it beyond the reality) or about Congress’ corruption or incompetence. It is about the fear of the destabilizing forces pacing impatiently behind Modi, seeing his ascent to RC Road as their signal to rampage. It is a very real fear, and even wealthy Modi backers are hedging their bets by arranging their families to be vacationing overseas in the weeks after the elections.

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  • NambrathKrishna

    Can’t find apt word for describing the article – fabulous would be less seems!! Hand rises to salute the writer raising the hats off. Lunkheads spread canard it would be an answer to those. It should be spread widely through chain mail!

  • Ullas Cherian

    Well, I gotta tell its a nice collection, but what it lags is Where he missed and wasted crores of citizens money. All positive points and no answer to common questions.

    • Nampurath Krishna

      Ghetto mindset would not see the clear sky!!

    • andy

      Why don’t YOU tell us where he ‘wasted’ the money? Probably UPA is also falsely blamed in Adarsh, 2G, Coalgate, CWG and numerous other scams, right?

  • Ullas Cherian



    FEB 2014. :-)

  • Jagannath Sharma

    This article should be translated into every Indian language and distributed free by the BJP to farmers in every part of the country. What is stated here is directly meaningful not only to the ordinary citizen, but the agricultural community.

  • Sha

    How accurate is the data presented here.??? I searched FDI stats, it clearly shows whole nation haven’t received FDI which gujarat alone have managed to attract through “VIB”RANT gujrat.!! Gujarat is in India or India is in Gujarat!!?

    • Nampurath Krishna

      In beholder’s eyes rather – whether the glass is half empty or half full !!!

  • Sha

    where is my comment.?? is this ua development.?? U paid writer.!!

  • BOK@de

    Excellent answer to the question of people who are still in dilemma to decide their vote. Its better to translate in regional languages and carry it during election fieldwork. WHat you think Ashwin jee?

  • Kan

    awesome article

  • fiaz


    • andy

      The same AAP which couldn’t run Delhi for even 50 days?

  • prashanth venkataswamy

    please fight the polls toothe and nails for ensuring Namo modi PM post of our mother land India!!!
    Please NDA use your full of preparations of last 3 days of Nation’s voting of Namo modi Namo Modi for PM and for Strong India!!!

  • Waleed Khalid

    This is not why you should support Modi, this is why you should not support Congress.
    The difference is huge.

    • worried Hindu

      you should first rise above Modi-phobia and try to look at a bigger picture

  • Keerthana

    This was amazing.
    Do I have permission to translate this into Telugu?

    • Ashwini Anand,CFA

      Yes, absolutely!

  • Sujata

    Excellent piece

  • Einstein Brain

    I knew most of what is written by the author, so I have been a passionate supporter of Mr Modi in my own little way.But this article has consolidated all my knowledge in one article and, has convincingly argued the case for Mr Modi for PM ship.There is hardly a choice really, before the voters, I.e., a rational thinking voter, who is not swayed in by identity considerations or yielding to the scare mongering being done by other politicins.Modi is the only choice one can make at this time, all other politicins look pygmy in his presence really.If the country blows up this opportunity,and forces this country into an extended coma, as it exists today, then be sure this country will remain marginalised for ever, I can’t see any hope in my life time.Nearly 3 generations have gone by living a pathetic existance, one more will go by.However, should Modi become the next PM, I see light at the end of the tunnel.Perhaps, I may be able to see an India of my dream, after all.I am keeping my fingers crossed, and saying a prayer every day for this Parivarthan to happen.


    yes yes…this is the one I am waiting for to show all those who refuse accept our modiji as a leader, now who can be against him? when he is for the country’s development….Ramesh

  • Yogesh Garg

    A great article, elaborate and factual. It seems strange how some die hard critics of Modi don’t see or (don’t want to see) all this. But in spite of their virulent opposition, it seems that Nostradamus prophecy of rise of a strong leader would emerge in India in 2001 (he came to power in Gujrat in 2001) is coming true!

  • Jehangir Cama

    Great and not a word of exageration. Of course the Charlatan AK will find some dissenters but give Modi credit for even 80./. of this and give him the chance to prove it to the country. We Gujaratis have moved on from 2002 and all including the Muslims are by and large happy to live here and prosper. God save India from the likes of the Gandhi family and their talk of poverty and false promises.


    We were having industry in WB. But due to Trinamul affiliated Muslims, we had to leave Bengal in 2009 to settle vibrant Gujarat. We have been running business so peacefully with 50 Bengali workers for the last 5 years under Modi’s dynamic administration that every day we bless Modi. We got enormous help from Gujarat Govt during our initial approach. We just got an appointment within 24 hrs. with Modi Bhai. who said never to get upset for not contributing Bengal and said “aap Gujarat ko apna dharti samajea aur Gujarat banane me madat karia which is after all part of Bharat Mata, ” and everything took place so fast that our entire Bengali workers need not have to face unemployment for a day and they were all shifted to Gujarat.

    We find that Gujarat is full of Bengali workers. All the Ahmedabad- Kolkata trains are over crowded by Bengali workers. Around 80 lakhs Bengali were benefited from Narendra Modi’s patriotic leadership . Many Bengalis kept a photos of him in their household. But the way Mamata uses her very cheap language against this great visionary of Nation just to provoke Muslims to get vote is alarming. She wanted to project that Modi is against Muslim whereas she is protector of them. How a 2 years CM can use such a nasty language against another CM of 14 years. We being Bengalis are indeed ashamed of Mamata and apologized to Modi Bhai who is our Netaji, who is our Swamiji, who is our Gurudev. If he becomes Prime Minister, the India will see the progress in 6 months which Indians never saw in last 60 years.

  • Mahadev Narayanan

    Please send it to Jayalalithaa, Mayawati, Mamata, Mulayam, Lalu, Nitish and finally to Rahul. Rahul is one person who will definitely appreciate it. Thanks

  • Ram Sinha

    Shitty article..supporting a FEKU’s-developmental model when 13 other states fared better then his gujrat in growth. Electing psycho- Modi wud be a worst shameful thing for Indians for the whole century

    • worried Hindu

      naam to Ram rakha lekin boli to rawan ki hai!! ghor kalyug agaya hai bhai !!! First of all you psychopath AAPtard or whoever you are Electing Modi would shameful for you but for majority thinks Modi is the right one to lead so get your full sleep and wake up on 16th you will find all the answers , you lunatech person

  • Bharat Jain

    Never read a better statement of support for Modi.Hope Modi repeats it in the country in next 10 years.Yes,that’s the minimum period required for a turnaround.

  • Hriday

    Yes you can fool all the people all the time …. Left parties are there for example. Ruled WB for 34 years and destroyed the state completely. If a 6 (Mr. Basu) time CM can survive on fake story then why not a 3 time CM?

  • Anup Menon

    This is indeed a very good and fact filled article. But there are a few question unanswered.
    “Is development the only thing we need? and what cost are you ready to pay for a high GDP and growth rate which is albeit equitable?”

    Well the words of late JRD Tata gives us an answer to this question:
    “I do not want India to be an economic superpower. I want India to be a happy country.” — JRD Tata

    Will we be happy inspite of all the new highways and building promised? and why do we aspire to be rich? isn’t it only so that we are happy?

    Modi with his ideologies, (and people like Amitji in the picture) with his promises for a temple in Ayodhya, promises things very different than what happiness is (if not for everyone, at least for a community). I wish I’m proved wrong :(
    Well, I’m not even hinting that the Congress would have been any better but why hasn’t AAP not even mentioned? I am hoping that the AAP would have their house in order before 2019!

  • Devi

    Really a good one, everyone would like it.
    Modi has the potential to prove his words


  • leofrank

    Wonderful article! I completely agree with your views.

  • Revathy Nair

    Am sooo sharing this…hope I had stumbled on to this before the elections in Kerala :( but then Kerala is a lost cause :-|

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